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It is important to get your vehicle's brakes serviced. At Palmetto Auto Service we perform brake repair and brake services in Columbia, SC. If your brakes squeal, grind, or cause jerky stops, call us to make an appointment with us today! We will replace brake pads, rotor repair and give you a free brake inspection.

Your vehicle's brakes are composed of hydraulics and friction materials and a simple system that makes those two work together. The technicians who perform our brake services have a in-depth understanding of how brakes work and specialize in disc brakes, drum brakes, and parking brakes. We provide all the necessary materials to make your brakes as good as new.

When you need our brake services, it helps for us to know how urgent it is. Whether your brakes have become unresponsive or they need a simple tune up, we are there to repair and improve your braking system.

We hold a high standard when it comes to your vehicles braking systems. When we are working on your breaks, we are extremely careful that all of our repairs are safe and effective. We will inform you of everything we are doing on your brakes and provide you information to prevent any future problems.

Many people residing in Columbia, SC come to us for our brake services because we offer options that are more affordable, efficient, and faster than our competition.

Palmetto Auto Service is committed to providing safe and effective brake services. We do this through employing specialized technicians and parts, suitable for any type of brake. When doing repair, we do not use “substitutes” for parts. All our repairs are precise, and we use the latest technology for diagnostics and part replacement.

Our brake services are there to fix any type of brakes, including those on trucks and larger automotive vehicles. Call or visit us to learn more about the excellence of our brake services.

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